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The practices are reminiscent of the situation during the peak days of the domestic tech industry in 2007, when many tech firms rushed to publicize their record revenue figures at random, in a bid to jack up their stock prices.
However, when insurers can strategically publicize their information, efficiency is unambiguously improved, because high-general-risk policyholders purchase actuarially fair insurance.
Until a state, county or local governmental body comes forward with the money to publicize the program, private groups may want to consider raising the money for billboards or other high-visibility places.
The effort to publicize and promote the event through superintendents throughout the United States will get started earlier for the 2005 event.
Eccles says this connection will allow innovators to publicize their work.
Now that oral contraception has passed from the moral (Catholic) dimension into the dimension of health concerns, we ought to be able to publicize the truth about oral hormones.
But Foster wants private schools taking part in the scheme to agree to meet state education standards and publicize their students' achievement.
Agencies should set up checkpoints frequently, over extended periods, and publicize them well.
Former Japanese women's tennis ace Kimiko Date has agreed to help the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) publicize its foreign aid activities, JICA officials said Wednesday.
I'm wondering if VRG could publicize Center for Science in the Public Interest's <www.
With this in mind, the Department of Justice and the FBI approached the nursing home industry and HCFA with a request to publicize the option of paying for a national check of job applicants against the FBI fingerprint files.
Taglined "Reporting Censored News and Perspectives," the Australia-based Full Disclosure has a twofold purpose: "to publicize substantive news that is under-covered or unreported in the mainstream media, and to expose the suppression, censorship and misrepresentation of dissenting views.