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Suppose that there is technology to publicize their information.
William Maestri, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, told the Advocate that Catholic schools will not follow the state's standards for judging the quality of schools and will not publicize individual schools' test scores.
All PSC members pledge to share and publicize their safety innovations (somehow reserving the right to protect trade secrets).
With this in mind, the Department of Justice and the FBI approached the nursing home industry and HCFA with a request to publicize the option of paying for a national check of job applicants against the FBI fingerprint files.
The result was a kit designed to publicize the efforts of some VR agencies, community rehabilitation programs (CRP's) and employers to place individuals with mental retardation in "nontraditional" positions within office environments.
Publicize any team and individual accomplishments through brochures or pamphlets published by city hall.
html), is a fast, free way to publicize your Web site.
We're always looking for new ways to use the product because that's just another way we can publicize WD-40," adds Barry.
Daniel and other "Kids Feeding Kids" volunteers write letters and make phone calls to garner support from merchants; secure locations for their sales; publicize the events with flyers, signs and T-shirts; and finally make and sell cookies, cakes and brownies to raise money.
Prior Information Notice without call for competition: Office communication to publicize the project and its services.
ISLAMABAD -- PTI has strongly demanded to publicize the complete data of innocent citizens, martyred by drone attacks.
Public administrators should also promote greater fields for female workers, through such measures as encouraging employers to publicize the ratio of male and female managers at their companies, it said.