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ii) Contracts are actuarially fair based on publicized risks.
After his plight was publicized, Carranza was granted numerous scholarships, says Terry Abbott, press secretary at Houston Independent School District.
The most highly publicized change the Sarbanes-Oxley Act brought about is the requirement that chief executive officers and chief financial officers certify companies' financial statements.
Such concerted efforts also may serve as a general deterrence if their activities are publicized and become widely known.
In the only publicized case of taxing bondholders, from 1993, the IRS asked investors to pay taxes on interest from a bond issue sold by Riverside County, California, Housing Authority.
More than 70 percent of all co-ops with flat roofs in New York have wood decks and are affected by this little publicized law.
RSA has publicized "Project Employ" through its 1998 National Employment Conference and has issued an Informational Memorandum on the topic.
HONG KONG--When Americans hear of Tibet, they tend to think of the internationally publicized plight of Tibetan Buddhists and their exiled leader, the Dalai Lama, who have endured decades of oppression by the Chinese government.
It was neither directed to the public nor publicized.
In the wake of highly publicized problems after switching to a flat-rate, unlimited-access plan - including a lawsuit filed in California by five disgruntled users and the threat of lawsuits from about three dozen state attorneys general - AOL has offered the following terms to its roughly 8 million subscribers: refunds or free time to make up for an ongoing (though improving) dial-up dilemma, a $350 million upgrade of system capacity, a temporary curb on advertising for new customers, and clear wording in promotional materials explaining that customers may encounter delays when going online.
Kmart Corporation today issued the following statement in response to false charges of spying alleged in a lawsuit against the company and publicized by the Teamsters Union:
The suits, involving four highly publicized failed institutions (Lincoln Savings and Loan, Silverado Banking Savings and Loan, Vernon Savings and Loan and Western Savings and Loan), alleged Ernst violated a variety of generally accepted auditing standards in performing audits of these institutions before their failures.