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He said that more book will publicized in year 2018.
ii) Contracts are actuarially fair based on publicized risks.
And the investigations confirmed an incident that has been highly publicized in recent news where female interrogators smeared prisoners with fake menstrual blood.
He develops statistics of how many positive versus negative stories are publicized in any given time.
Though Internet stings like the one that snared Abyad have been less publicized than the Queen Boat case, human rights observers say those operations have actually resulted in most of the detentions.
The most highly publicized change the Sarbanes-Oxley Act brought about is the requirement that chief executive officers and chief financial officers certify companies' financial statements.
Such concerted efforts also may serve as a general deterrence if their activities are publicized and become widely known.
And in July 2001, The Wall Street Journal reported that Kraft/Philip Morris brought forty-three tons of food to Kosovar refugees--and then publicized the donation with a P.
When we first built it and publicized it, soybean prices weren't high.
Early in CPSC's history, incidents were frequently publicized in which hairdryers were accidentally dropped into bathtubs, causing gruesome electrocutions, often to children.
In addition, despite Senator Charles Grassley's (R-IA) highly publicized hearings on nursing home abuses, Crowley found no one to introduce his legislation in the U.