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The fifth section discusses the role of publicizing information in resolving adverse selection problems.
As an example of publicizing information, a health insurer may publicize its underwriting rule based on the health examination reports observable both by the insurer and policyholders.
You can't sue people for publicizing your patient care record just because you don't like it," remarked Hal Ruddick, President of SEIU Local 4.
One flier, publicizing an upcoming Palmdale School District board meeting, was left on shoppers' cars outside the Antelope Valley Mall.
was selected last night by PR Week magazine as having managed the nation's "Product Brand Development Campaign of the Year" for its efforts last year publicizing the company's 75th Anniversary Event.
The suit, filed on behalf of five California residents and a Hawaiian woman, seeks monetary damages and programs publicizing dangers of fen-phen.
IW looks at the tools, services, and decisions involved in establishing a Web site, plus tips on building, buying, authoring, publicizing, and auditing a site.
Finally, with regard to publicizing the names of convicted johns who solicit acts of prostitution, this is not a new idea.
and Daniel Janal, president of Janal Communications and author of several best selling books on online marketing and publicizing high tech products and services, are the newest members of WildWood's board of directors.
Some of the money from the grant will be used to publish a pamphlet publicizing the clinic, which will be sent to medical professionals in the area as a recruitment tool.
There are Public Service Announcements (PSAs available: broadcast qualtiy 3/4", audio, print 1-603-924-7720) for publicizing Earth Day.