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Newcastle and South Tyneside councils have confirmed they are looking into the possibility of creating publicly owned energy companies.
A RAILWAY company has been told to stop suggesting that it was publicly owned after an advert was found to be misleading.
Following legislative inaction on a plan to clarify liability for accidents on railways shared by trains that are publicly owned and privately owed, proposals to extend the Tri-Rail passenger service to downtown Miami seemed full of doubts.
Employment in Central Government and in publicly owned enterprises and companies increased by 1.
The logic of handing out the contracts to private operators seems to be mainly ideological - Tories do not like publicly owned companies to be successful.
Production of hardwoods publicly owned in Montenegro for period January - August 2013 compared with same period of previous year has been decreased for 4 633 m[sup.
Summary: A host of high profile celebrities have joined a campaign to prevent the proposed sale of publicly owned forests.
JOHN Prescott yesterday took a veiled swipe at plans to part-privatise the Post Office by saying he will fight to keep it publicly owned.
I have kept records of my household outgoings for 40 years so I can tell Mr Hunt that when the utilities were publicly owned, my gas bill alone was more than my council tax bill.
The first priority in implementing these changes is to slow the decline of publicly owned trees by planting at least as many trees as the city removes each year, Henry says.
She said, "Women who ride the publicly owned Madison Metro bus service should not have to spend a month looking at her.

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