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Our publicly owned forests are being silently sold off and our woodland heritage is being turned into cash in a policy harking back to the Thatcher era.
The number of employees in the broad public sector in the last quarter of the previous year rose to 68,351 persons, of which 62,414 in the General Government and 5,937 in the Publicly Owned Enterprises and Companies.
Labour's plans for a publicly owned energy network will reduce bills and deliver a green industrial revolution to create jobs and deliver a sustainable energy network."
One of Queenslands publicly owned electricity businesses, Yurika, manages the plant.
A PUBLICLY owned energy firm is needed to deliver the Swansea Bay Lagoon, according to a city politician.
Among other policies, it unapologetically called for renationalisation of the railways, the energy system, the water system, and Royal Mail, as well as the establishment of a publicly owned National Investment Bank, a network of regional public development banks, and new local publicly owned banks (perhaps through the breakup of RBS, which was nationalised following the financial crisis and is still in state hands).
Newcastle and South Tyneside councils have confirmed they are looking into the possibility of creating publicly owned energy companies.
He'll be able to get on a publicly owned train and say proudly: "Now what have I come in here for?"
UK trains are slower and more crowded than publicly owned ones in France, Italy, Spain and Germany.
ADvERT mISLED A railway company has been told to stop suggesting that it was publicly owned after an advert was found to be misleading.
If water companies had remained publicly owned who is to say this figure wouldn't be higher as money that goes to shareholders would have been re-invested in the service.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Cumhuriyet daily presented a list in its Monday edition (titled "Devlet yandaE- medyayy zengin etti" [The state has made the pro-government media rich]) listing which publicly owned institutions placed advertisement with which newspapers and television stations.

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