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As the essence of publicness has developed from conceptualization centered on political authority (Bozeman, 1987) to the level at which an organization is comprised of public value institutions (Moulton, 2009; see also Feeney and Welch, 2012), scholars have more frequently explored how organizational leaders can "manage publicness".
Nemeth J and Schmidt S (2011) The privatization of public space: Modelling and measuring publicness.
The final category identified by Biesta is public pedagogy for publicness, acting in the interest of human togetherness and based on activism and change.
Langevoort & Thompson, Publicness, supra note 35, at 342.
Sharedness, here in the sense of sharing loss through mediated publicness, is thus the keyword in virtual mourning.
Such emergent orientations inform our interest in promoting a sense of publicness as a resource for public action--within and beyond the state--through a concern with public discourse.
Publicness and visibility of the Wall were the best guarantee for its renewal and protection.
As Virno suggests, "if the publicness of the intellect does not yield to the realm of a public sphere, of a political space in which the many can tend to common affairs, then it produces terrifying effects.
The Bloomsburian preference for intimacy over publicness thus reflects its members' participation in "a debate about love and marriage spanning the Victorian and modern eras," a debate which "often appeared to moderns as a crisis of intimacy" (4).
The daim of a particular publicness to shopping malls by the youth of the focus group and thus the public-private dichotomy is also examined.
Programs of reform should take into account the publicness of government organizations, the complex motives of public employees, and the intricacies of public policy.