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This time it is a thoughtful rumination from the soloist on the music of the concerto's very opening, until, interrupted by a brisk fanfare, the soloist shakes himself into excitement, persuades the rest of the orchestra to dust itself down and we spin off into a finale of characteristic Mendelssohnian high-spirited puckishness, the elfin enchantment of A Midsummer Night's Dream, so beloved of the composer, never far away.
He modeled a swoop of mind, a way of combining precision with puckishness, a kind of rolling agglomeration that would prove formative for the generation now coming into its own.
He could never recover his characteristic polish, passion and puckishness. Nehru was not a politician, but a poet and philosopher in political garb.
As Bruno Latour, with his characteristic grace and Puckishness puts it, "To balance our accounts of society, we simply have to turn our exclusive attention away from humans and look also at non-humans.
However, this occasional puckishness is more than offset by the seriousness of remarks like the following: "The key to peace and well-being for all lies in the actions of the individual, starting with the most obvious and perhaps for that reason the most easily forgotten: absolute devotion to one's children in their formative years.