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Caption: Figure 1: Angiography showed contrast extravasation at the right pudendal artery (red arrow).
in 2006 [23], the gluteal fold V-Y advancement flap is vascularised by underlying fascial plexus originating from perforators of the internal pudendal artery combined with musculocutaneous perforators of underlying muscle.
Allahdadi said: "PDE5I may be useful in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction caused by inadequate blood supply through the internal pudendal artery.
This keeps us far enough away from the pudendal nerve and the internal pudendal artery and vein that travel right underneath the ischial spine along the side wall of the pelvis, and away from the interior gluteal artery nerve and vein that travel near the upper edge of the sacrospinous ligament.
In a dissection was observed that this artery emerges from the internal pudendal artery with a caliber larger than the ones described in the literature.
One new solution may be to sit up straight, or at least somewhat straighter, thereby reducing compression on the internal pudendal artery and nerve, said Dr.
The penile artery arises from the pudendal artery and splits into the dorsal, spongiosal, and cavernosal arteries.