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The words that passed between us were few and puerile in regard of the situation.
At the point of that angle a short arm joined it to a hexagonal islet with a soil of gravel and its shores faced with dressed stone, a perfection of puerile neatness.
Puerile as such an exercise may seem, it sharpens the faculties of observation, and teaches one where to look and what to look for.
The Chapman brothers' puerile toy-soldier fantasies and Darger's nigh-pedophiliac perversions could have made a genuinely interesting intervention under the sign "Almost Warm and Fuzzy," while Friedman, Kelley, Dingle, et al.
movie theater watching a puerile American teen film called
Take him down," added Newsweek's puerile editorial section, "Conventional Wisdom.
I wouldn't cross the road to interview them, and the puerile frenzy that greeted their arrival shows just how crazy the cult of the celebrity has become.
TV'S unkempt beanpole kicked off his daily musings in Russell Brand's Ponderland (Channel 4, Monday) a half-hour of inane witterings from a presenter who made his name on puerile Big Brother analysis shows.
Behavior that desperately puerile in a pilot scarcely portends well for future episodes.
I have FIVE boxed sets combining the movie and two new volumes of the gloriously puerile TV series to give away (RRP pounds 34.
The Politics Show on television last week ended with a cartoon knocking Blair and Brown which was so puerile I watched in fascinated disbelief.
7 (-) Super Troopers (15) Puerile comedy pits highway patrolman against local cops.