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Foes' puerile tactics have done nothing but increased popularity of the Nawaz Sharif', the daughter of Nawaz asserted.
Your initial reaction was to remonstrate with them, perhaps understandably and you then took puerile revenge by soaking their beds.
I can remember (and Macdonald obviously cannot) when that kind of puerile jibe went down well with readers of the Daily Mirror in the 1950s, but the world (and journalism) has moved on since then.
Nasty, intimidating and puerile, these road hogs are giving hogs a bad name.
But both B*** (it's Bckstab, not bastard) and Wiener Brut represent a step too far towards routine heavy metal, and porn spoof single Pussy is puerile.
Scatological, messy and puerile, laughs are in desperately short supply.
Could it be that Cole's contrition follows the realisation that his puerile behaviour was witnessed at first hand by someone who has a crucial say in his future as an international footballer?
How puerile to say that if it had been a Labour-led council, they would have had monies promised and been looked on more favourably.
Following on from the Chaser Annuals--described as being 'the biggest load of puerile rubbish you will read all year'--this retrospective promises to be the half-century's biggest load yet.
The joke is a secret handshake, #23 in your comedy himnals, and the film is an unwitty, unwitting passport through comic portals into a puerile world.
Indeed, he apparently read the San Francisco White Pages from cover to cover in a gleefully puerile search that makes this work an immediate guilty pleasure.