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PUERILITY, civil law. This commenced at the age of seven years, the end of the age of infancy, and lasted till the age of puberty, (q.v.) that is, in females till the accomplishment of twelve years, and in males, till the age of fourteen years fully accomplished. Ayl. Pand. 63.
     2. The ancient Roman lawyers divided puerility into proximus infantiae, as it approached infancy, and into proximus pubertati, as it became nearer to puberty. 6 Toullier, n. 100.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Your initial reaction was to remonstrate with them, perhaps understandably and you then took puerile revenge by soaking their beds."
"Most of the questions are very puerile that is why most of the business papers did not carry them.
But, sadly, there's no touch of genius here, just puerile humour and cultural stereotypes born from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Could it be that Cole's contrition follows the realisation that his puerile behaviour was witnessed at first hand by someone who has a crucial say in his future as an international footballer?
Following on from the Chaser Annuals--described as being 'the biggest load of puerile rubbish you will read all year'--this retrospective promises to be the half-century's biggest load yet.
However, Yates, the creator and presenter of the once highly popular Stars on Sunday, was prone to puerile rages and would either take off for his mother Sybil's North Wales B&B, or seek solace in "his 700 pornographic magazines under the bed".
The joke is a secret handshake, #23 in your comedy himnals, and the film is an unwitty, unwitting passport through comic portals into a puerile world.
Indeed, he apparently read the San Francisco White Pages from cover to cover in a gleefully puerile search that makes this work an immediate guilty pleasure.
Indeed a longer extract from Gadamer might have been a better pair with Summerson's Architecture in Britain 1530-1830 than the puerile Nicos Hadjinicolaou, whose ideological bombast runs against the sophisticated history which Arnold evokes.
Gone is the '80s ability to shock, and much of the evening's work looked puerile. Even the music wasn't the ear-blasting, mind-numbing type of the past.
Stephanie Mencimer's attack on Naomi Wolf ("Broken-Fingernail Feminism," November 2001) is puerile and unjust and does The Washington Monthly no credit.
If the gay movement is to grow out of its adolescence, it too has to move beyond the puerile need for approval and graduate to the more sensible appeal for and practice of tolerance.