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Rizvi and colleagues explained that commercial puffed rice is made by steam extrusion.
Stuffed and puffed chicken lattice Ingredients 1 chicken breast 15g mushrooms finely diced 10g shallots finely diced 10g mascarpone 1 egg beaten Puff pastry sheet 8 x 12 Method 1.
The hot new puffed up sleeves, or the puffa sleeve has been hailed as the next big trend to watch out for by the style savvy.
3 : to swell up or become swollen with or as if with air <The injured eye puffed up.
The Malt-O-Meal company has voluntarily issued a nationwide recall of unsweetened puffed rice and puffed wheat cereals that were tainted with the Salmonella bacteria.
The efficiency of puffing--based on the mass fraction of puffed seeds--decreased with increases in screw speed at a constant temperature.