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Her face was getting puffier and puffier and her eyes were sinking into her head.
Novas occur when a white dwarf--the dense cinder of a sunlike star--steals matter from a puffier companion star.
We like the bamboo because it has a thicker, puffier hand with a little more substance to it.
Mom didn't look sick--more lined, puffier, but normal enough.
Eliza was laying on the floor completely uncomfortable and listless, and she was getting puffier by the hour.
Still looking like he's wearing a stocking over his face, he's even puffier and pudgier than ever.
One of the seemingly puffier assignments I received for the paper wound up forever changing my attitudes about computers and their influence on our society.
In the United States we call it putting a little yeast in the story yeast being the thing we put in bread so that it gets a little puffier.