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Jeanie says that Sophia Lauren said that beauty is 50% what you have and 50% what people think you have and so I am trying to make my lips look puffier while standing by this payphone.
His skin tone seems sallower than a year ago, his facial muscles have dropped, his face is puffier, his wrinkles deeper, his eye bags are darker.
And we were well we were high as kites and just eating and eating and all of a sudden he was on the floor, his eyes turning black, his whole face getting puffier and puffier.
Her eyes were puffier and it looked as though she had been crying; her cheeks piebald and her lips dry and crackly, perhaps from having been asleep and breathing through her mouth.
Even the cheerleaders deviated from this flatness of the hair only slightly, by cultivating split ends which made their black-rooted hairdos a bit puffier than that of the average jail bait.
Despite having puffier pastry and spicier sausage than its rivals, Tesco's (***) were let down by a base that was too moist, although the 1 [pounds sterling] price tag made them good value.
75) that could be hotter and puffier, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Her face was getting puffier and puffier and her eyes were sinking into her head.
Novas occur when a white dwarf--the dense cinder of a sunlike star--steals matter from a puffier companion star.
We like the bamboo because it has a thicker, puffier hand with a little more substance to it.