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Noticing the mirror, she stood before it and examined her extraordinary features with amazement--her button eyes, pearl bead teeth and puffy nose.
The wind, coming off the land, was rather puffy and uncertain, and it would have been more to our advantage had it been stronger.
Don't you ever forget to lift your sash and fix those puffy things when you sit down?
In person, Clement des Lupeaulx had the remains of a handsome man; five feet six inches tall, tolerably stout, complexion flushed with good living, powdered head, delicate spectacles, and a worn-out air; the natural skin blond, as shown by the hand, puffy like that of an old woman, rather too square, and with short nails--the hand of a satrap.
He was red-faced, burly and plethoric, with a pair of very small twinkling eyes which looked keenly out from between swollen and puffy pouches.
The hollows at the corners of his lips became more pronounced in the puffy roundness of his cheeks.
Two to one in half-crowns on the big un," says Rattle, one of the amateurs, a tall fellow, in thunder-and-lightning waistcoat, and puffy, good-natured face.
A VERY stout, puffy man, in buckskins and Hessian boots, with several immense neckcloths that rose almost to his nose, with a red striped waistcoat and an apple green coat with steel buttons almost as large as crown pieces (it was the morning costume of a dandy or blood of those days) was reading the paper by the fire when the two girls entered, and bounced off his arm-chair, and blushed excessively, and hid his entire face almost in his neckcloths at this apparition.
And looking at my Hermann's heavy, puffy, good-natured face, I knew he would not ex ert himself till greatly exasperated, and, therefore, would thrash very hard, and being fat would resent the necessity.
From the head, set upward on a thick neck, the eyes, with puffy lower lids, stared with a haughty droop on each side of a hooked aggressive nose, nobly salient in the vast pale circumference of the face.
Jukes' glance was wandering and tipsy; his red face was puffy, as though he had overslept himself.
Her puffy yellow countenance was working with emotion.