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If fighting is supposed to now be a good thing for a sport in need of attention, why doesn't the NHL, once considered one of the "big four" on the landscape, add some Tonya Harding-types to the mix and then twist its rules more to encourage pugilism over the pragmatic?
Rooster pugilism stands, of course, as the perfect symbol for the actions of the eclectic coterie of suitors (including Homer Simpson) vying and brawling for the chance to bed Faye Greener, the aspiring starlet.
Nickerson's recovery has been progressing remarkably well under the circumstances, a recent article chronicling this unfortunate incident of unwarranted literary pugilism has caused a severe relapse in both Mr.
The following three examples all fall into the crime and detection category but are in differing styles: (1) "Sergeant Cribb finds himself immersed in the world of nineteenth-century pugilism, investigating illegal bare-knuckle boxing" (The Detective Wore Silk Drawers by Peter Lovesey); (2) "Villagers in Tilling Green receive anonymous letters and three deaths follow.
Considerations of sport, pugilism and dueling highlight the tensions that resulted when traditional attitudes toward masculinity and license met innovative discourses of moral reform.
For believers who like to engage in cognitive pugilism with an adversarial text, Harris's books will provide all the material that is required.
These are two heavyweights slugging it out in multiple rings, and HCA is no stranger to this form of pugilism.
One wonders, for instance, to what degree sublimated heterosexualized violence--male-on-male pugilism ostensibly ignited by competition over a woman--functions as a normalizing praxis through which unsanctioned male-on-male desire is re-channeled and thereby emptied of stigmatized homoerotic suggestiveness.
And action, in this case, cannot be laying claim to another corner ring and creating another paradigm for semantic pugilism.
Speaking of pugilism, what about beauty pageants, where even with a list of requirements and judging factors the results are ultimately completely subjective?
Jimmy's playground pugilism ended abruptly, along with his formal schooling, after a recess dispute with a classmate named Elmer Furlong morphed into a full-blown brawl.
Mention of the Murray tragedy provoked Docherty into a discussion on the perils of pugilism.