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Then, if there's a vacancy, star-eyes,' said the pugilist at her side, holding on a hat which showed a tendency to wobble, 'count me in.
Among other offerings, we were permitted to handle the jewelled belt presented to the pugilist by the State of Nevada, a gold brick from the citizens of Sacramento, and a model of himself in solid silver from the Fisticuff Club in New York.
The pugilist had been at least a fine figure of a bully and a braggart when I saw him before his fight; now he had a black eye and a bloated lip, hat on the back of his head, and made-up tie under one ear.
No sooner had the burly pugilist obstructed his fire than Raffles was through the window at a bound; while I, for standing still and saying nothing, was scientifically felled to the floor.
In a twinkling he had the handcuffs on my wrists, while the pugilist explained the situation, and his patron reviled the force and its representative with impotent malignity.
This acquaintance was useful to him in another way, also before long Jurgis made his discovery of the meaning of "pull," and just why his boss, Connor, and also the pugilist bartender, had been able to send him to jail.
The talk had led on from the Graft Prosecution and the latest signs that the town was to be run wide open, down through all the grotesque sordidness and rottenness of manhate and man-meanness, until the name of O'Brien was mentioned--O'Brien, the promising young pugilist who had been killed in the prize-ring the night before.
He is the cleverest pugilist of his weight in the country.
By RICHARD MWANGIThe dreams of flyweight boxer, Mohammed Ali of competing in next month's Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Queensland, Australia, were shattered when he was dropped from the final squad of seven pugilists.
Summary: Jakarta [Indonesia], Feb 15 (ANI): Indian pugilists testing their water for the upcoming Asian Games in August proved their worth and emerged with a massive tally of ten medals, including five gold, one silver and four bronze medals at the Asian Games Test Event, here in Jakarta on Thursday.
ISLAMABAD -- Women pugilists will be seen in action for the first time in a national event when they will vie in National Boxing Championship, slated to be held at WAPDA Sports Complex, Lahore from January 20-24.
KARACHI -- Top pugilists belonging to the province will feature when the two-day all-Sindh National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Quaid-i-Azam Boxing Tournament gets into action at the Abdullah Baloch boxing stadium, Peoples Sports Complex on Sunday, the Sindh Boxing Association (SBA) said on Thursday.