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The Australian-born actor enjoyed a distinguished stage, film and TV career but was best known for playing the pugnacious barrister Rumpole.
The pugnacious Colombian's bravery and race craft was never in doubt during his rookie season as he showed scant regard for Schumacher's reputation by overtaking him several times before finally scoring a deserved maiden win in Italy.
Some local authorities have outlawed Punch for his violence but the pugnacious puppet remains a firm favourite.
But the win was no more than Leeds deserved for their pugnacious performance which typified everything Eriksson loves about the English game.
Strange because I can't for the life of me understand how these same people, who are evidently fine, fair-minded people, could, without any hint of inconsistency let alone hypocrisy, turn a blind eye to the blatantly racist bile that we Welsh have recently been caused to suffer from the likes of AA Gill (that we are ugly, pugnacious little trolls), Anne Robinson (the Welsh - what are they for?) and Martin Kelner (of BBC Radio Leeds, inviting listeners to send in 10 reasons to resent the Welsh), to name but a few.
They are a bit pugnacious, but chirpy, bold and pretty, and even symbolic if one thinks of their breasts as stained with the blood of Christ.
He and tailender Pat Symcox, who hit a pugnacious 81, came together at 98 for seven and added 124 for the eighth wicket.
The makers of the pugnacious Patrol have developed the softroad X-Trail, and while it does not have the mud-plugging potential of its stablemate it is much more civilised than the former Terrano.
A small, pugnacious left-hander, he made his debut in the 1968-69 series in Australia and played in 59 Test matches, ending his Test career in the early 1980s with an average of 42.49.
Ian Woosnam cut the giants of golf down to size with a pugnacious Volvo PGA championship triumph at Wentworth yesterday.
Palmer, who was worried his career could be ended by an ankle injury last season, was as pugnacious as ever and easily out-shone the constantly ratty Paul Ince.
A pugnacious 109 by all-rounder Chris Cairns rescued New Zealand from 66 for five on the first day of the second Test against Australia in Wellington yesterday.