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Like Holbrook, though less pugnaciously, she sees literature as a repository of currently undervalued possibilities for enhanced individuality and freedom.
In fact he was a political and religious agnostic who defied labels, someone who examined issues on their own merit, made his conclusions and then fought his corner pugnaciously.
Leithart is self-confessedly polemical, proudly and pugnaciously so.
A bunch of Catholics in Glasgow start a football team called Celtic while, on the other side of the city, Rangers FC becomes a pugnaciously Protestant outfit.
longinoda is pugnaciously active and has a characteristic nesting habit of joining living leaves on trees inhabited [10].
Tough and hardy, ferociously independent, stubborn in their ways, and pugnaciously proud of their own cultural identity, Sardinians embodied the "Don't tread on me
Pugnaciously articulating lines like "I ain't scared of nobody when the goin' gets mean" and "I told them about equality," he offered plenty of subtext for those who wished to find it.
Irrespective of the details of Washington's current plan for engaging Iran, Obama's initiative was a shrewd and much-needed move; Ahmadinejad has responded positively, albeit pugnaciously.
offers of hurricane relief, while pugnaciously making clear he's back in the decision making process.
Long before Herzl revved up the Jewish branch of geopiety, the Archbishop of York pugnaciously encapsulated the concept in 1875: "Our reason for turning to Palestine is that Palestine is our country.
I also made a quick visit to the Edinburgh grave of Adam Smith, a reminder that the Scots are proudly, even pugnaciously, entrepreneurial and inventive--"punching above our weight," as many people in that nation of only 5 million like to put it before rattling off a list of the famous inventors who have come from Scotland.
Hollywood stand-in, played by the pugnaciously charismatic Emile Hirsch.