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Many of us who knew the great Paul Ramsey disliked his pugnacious assaults on our ideas (I was among the beleaguered), but perhaps some of that pugnaciousness (maybe kinder, gentler) should prevail among us.
First, its pugnaciousness and heated personal animosity demonstrate that this was an extreme case.
However, both the British hares, the brown hare and the mountain hare, are capable of considerable pugnaciousness, especially in the mating season and in defence of their young.
Gardner's essays are remarkable for his astringent intelligence, his pugnaciousness, his lucid style, and his relentless pontifications about The True Nature Of Art and the "great persons" who create it.
Yet their encounters rarely shone with Whitmanesque celebration or even Thoreauvian pugnaciousness.
Parents who ban the internet are 30 percent more likely to be very pugnacious, or Pugnaciousness 5s.