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Hurston stated that her critics' reference to her pugnaciousness and audacity was primarily due to "shock at witnessing a woman move into an almost exclusively male domain" (Karanja, 1999: 114).
But perhaps less commented upon will be the strange similarity between his world-view and that of another polemical writer two centuries earlier, who shares his pugnaciousness and resists easy categorisation--Edmund Burke.
Many an opponent took advantage of Fotiu's lapses to victimize the Rangers (who retained Nicky to utilize his more natural proclivities, which centered around crowd-pleasing pugnaciousness and a propensity for fisticuffs).
His pugnaciousness may be explained by his difficult upbringing.
Many of us who knew the great Paul Ramsey disliked his pugnacious assaults on our ideas (I was among the beleaguered), but perhaps some of that pugnaciousness (maybe kinder, gentler) should prevail among us.
These traits occasioned some difficulties with the French and British governments, particularly in 1916 when Davison's pugnaciousness alienated even his transatlantic admirers.
First, its pugnaciousness and heated personal animosity demonstrate that this was an extreme case.
But it is worth noting that both the pugnaciousness of Freehafer and the defensiveness of some of his respondents are absent from the essay by Susan Rosowski and her colleagues on the Cather Scholarly Edition, who present their project as supportive of and supported by the CSE and its guidelines.
Gardner's essays are remarkable for his astringent intelligence, his pugnaciousness, his lucid style, and his relentless pontifications about The True Nature Of Art and the "great persons" who create it.
Yet their encounters rarely shone with Whitmanesque celebration or even Thoreauvian pugnaciousness. In what amounted to minute dissections of everything American, their tones tended toward the peevish and didactic.
The graduates' display of raised fists seemed an obvious reflection of the pugnaciousness that is the signature gesture of the country's new President.
A bit like Phillips himself, whose pugnaciousness off the bench could yet be a key weapon in the latter stages.