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e return of Westwood's pugnacity at the top of the order will certainly be welcome.
Indeed, the ladder of Thrift allows one to skip the lesser virtues of Confession, Penitence, and Industry, and be free of the downward pull of the vices Indulgence, Temper, Conceit, Mischief, Pugnacity, and Disobedience.
Additionally, the Corps' reputation for pugnacity, arguably as important as its actual aggression, must have influenced 'control' over no-man's-land.
Conflict is a natural and usual part of our life and is the reality with which the human has been acquaintance during the history, however it unfortunately has become pugnacity and enemy due to lack of appropriate management.
Both tended to meld 'shameless public display' (shame invariably associated with the feminine) with a hyper-masculinized pugnacity, humour with an edgy politics that effaced the line between propriety and audacity--for example, Mailer's allusion to bathroom activities in his remarks the night before the Pentagon march and his frequent recourse to the retort 'Fuck you' when hecklers accused him of being a 'publicity hound'.
Three talented fantasy authors collabo-rate to bring their well-drawn characters and impressively detailed world-imbued with all the pomp and pugnacity of the Middle Ages-to life in this gripping multigenerational saga.
Observing the pugnacity of 21st-century China, there appear to be parallels with the aggressiveness of 19th-century America.
In the course of his earlier two administrations in the 1990s, his detractors accused him of hotheadedness and pugnacity.
During his two previous administrations he earned a reputation for hotheadedness and pugnacity.
Perkins (1903: 405) had no personal experience with Ciridops, but he heartily endorsed Emerson's characterization, stating that the "reputed pugnacity of this bird is quite in accord with what one might expect, and is characteristic of the section of the family to which it belongs, which seems generally to consist of stronger birds, well able to drive from their food those of similar habits in the other section [his Division 2].
Palestinians don't fire rockets on Israel out of a feeling of insolence, or arrogance or even pugnacity and bellicosity.
These unconventional attacks were put down to the pugnacity of the man who styled himself after Dada Kondke, the Marathi acting icon known for his use of innuendo and double entendre.