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With pluck and pugnacity she went on to declare national emergency to prove that she could claim an upper position when needed.
Perhaps most telling, she promised to recommit the US to the kind of sustained, values-based engagement that (though she didn't say this) Obama has deemphasised and that Cruz and Trump, with their odd mixture of pugnacity and isolationism, would jettison.
1) Conversely, D'Agata's renegade pugnacity gave heart to those--not uncommonly aficionados of memoir and creative nonfiction--who felt that the archives of memory and experience were hardly so empirically solid to begin with.
The breed is famous for its stamina, pugnacity, majestic gate and dogged fighting properties (Panda and Mahapatra, 1989).
The easy pugnacity, the moral certainty, the judgmental language: That can only be Agoncillo himself.
The aseel breed is known for its stamina, pugnacity, majestic gait, and dogged fighting properties.
For dictatorship the first priority is always to preserve power and while doing this pugnacity was allowed to prevail in the country.
In other words, if we consider that psychoticism generally involves alienation and interpersonal suspicion, as well as bizarre behavior, and that aggression involves a tendency to be hostile, pugnacity and a desire to control others, the presence of characteristics that define FTP constitutes a protective element in light of the maladaptive expression of those traits in normative contexts such as school.
When asked whether he might be a wine that will not travel -- whether his occasional pugnacity might not play nationwide, or seem presidential -- he laughs, noting that during his recent trip to Mexico, members of the media traveling with him seemed puzzled by his sedate, diplomatic manner.
With his acrimony and pugnacity, he brought everyone to their knees, making them do whatever he wished.
e return of Westwood's pugnacity at the top of the order will certainly be welcome.
Indeed, the ladder of Thrift allows one to skip the lesser virtues of Confession, Penitence, and Industry, and be free of the downward pull of the vices Indulgence, Temper, Conceit, Mischief, Pugnacity, and Disobedience.