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There is little doubt that Trump has tapped into deep rivers of pugnacity and aggression.
"We warn the military council of the consequences of such unacceptable pugnacity, and clearly derived from the remnants of the former regime," said the statement.
Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra, whose department supervises the prosecution service, also does not have the pugnacity of his predecessor Vitaliano Aguirre II, and can better argue that there are genuine efforts to uphold the rule of law under the Duterte administration.
But I must say that his pugnacity has effectively defanged the "white nationalist" line of moral high-grounding that has become a favorite of his adversaries.
Let us understand that the mature nations of the world -- Japan, Switzerland, the Scandinavian countries, among several other examples, and, increasingly, China as well -- emphasize commercial relationships over territorial issues and peaceful handshakes over military pugnacity. It is all in the mindset.
Farmers test machine vision to predict porcine pugnacity
Behind Modi's perpetual narrative of victimisation and the Indian External Minister Sushma Swaraj's condescending behaviour against Pakistan at the UN lies the mounting pugnacity of the Indian army, particularly in matters of foreign policy, defence policy-making and geopolitics.
It is some political leaders we must beseech to eschew pugnacity and mind their language.'
Th3 DOSE surely possesses the most international reach, their sound finding a potent middle-ground between the slick production of US hip-hop and the edgy pugnacity of UK grime.
NATO's steady ingress in former Russian zone of influence and shift in its antagonist's strategy to contain China's rise has made Moscow and Beijing natural allies, who, at least temporarily, have set aside their bilateral pugnacity.
That is why the team that battled their way to fourth - albeit impressively, with more pugnacity imagined - will not be the same team come August.
"It immediately communicated power and pugnacity to me which are, amongst other characteristics, synonymous with boxing clubs.