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Because if he was sick he would pull his clothes off SOME time or other--don't you reckon he would?
I will turn up at the posting station when he's setting off tomorrow, I'll catch him by the leg, I'll pull off his coat when he gets into the carriage.
I should like to see him pull the wrong line," murmured George, as they passed.
So Ojo went up to the queer creature and taking hold of one of the hairs began to pull.
Job Rowsell started at them both, then he drew a flask from his pocket and took a long pull.
He shifted his feet slightly, tautened his muscles with a tentative pull, then relaxed again, questing for a perfect adjustment of all the levers of his body.
The pony did not like it, sometimes so successfully resisting with spread, taut legs and mutinous head-tossings, as to overcome the jerk of the ropes, and, at the same time wheeling, to fall heavily on its side or to uprear as the pull on the ropes was relaxed.
Once more they made their leeward pull down the port side of the Lancashire Queen, and once more we churned down after them before the wind.
He heard her, and tried to pull down the sail; but the wind would not let go of the broad canvas and the ropes had become tangled.
When the Political Pull had arrived, the Ox said: "My good friend, please make fast to me, and let nature take her course.
You must, or I'll pull off this shade and stare at the sun as hard as ever I can stare.
Now let me see if ye can put the sword there as it was and pull it out again.