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Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) has announced plans to pull back from setting targets for its investment banking operations as it seeks to reduce risk-taking at the unit.
Fighting has eased in many areas since a ceasefire came into force on Sunday, but the rebels have refused to halt attacks on a town where Ukrainian forces are encircled and Kiev says it will not pull back its big guns until the truce holds.
If Russia is serious about its desire to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine, it should stop blaming others for its own actions, pull back its troops, step back into line with its international obligations and start rebuilding trust," Rasmussen also argued in an article entitled "De-escalation starts on the ground" published on Sunday.
He called on Russia to pull back all its troops from the border with Ukraine.
Now, with the newly re-launched Frizz Ease collection, the brand team is setting out to start a movement to inspire women everywhere to "Never Pull Back," on their hair or in life.
I kept watching him and saying keep pulling back, pulling back, pull the levers back, whatever you can see, pull back and just hold it back, because if you land with a nose wheel down you can take the nose wheel off and then you've got all sorts of problems," he told BBC TV.
The sources said the disengagement took place after the two sides agreed Sunday night to pull back their troops.
Finally, take the two loose sections at the front and pull back to blend into your knot at the back.
Islamabad, July 12 (ANI): Pakistan has threatened to pull back its troops from the tribal regions along the border with Afghanistan as a reaction to the suspension of nearly 800 million dollars of military aid by the US.
OVER the last year my foreskin has been getting very tight and now it's difficult to pull back.