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Jon Blacklock and fellow residents celebrate after bulldozers moved in to pull down part of a building put up without planning permission.
I pull down on the left handle of the chute and glide toward another vista, where Big Bear Mountain is visible.
I thought the beds were very awkward and dangerous because they were so heavy to pull down.
When you are ready, straighten the leg and pull down and back fairly vigorously.
Local MP David Rendel, who helped pull down the fence, said: "This is a historic day.
To lock up a screen saver in Windows 95, first pull down the Start menu and select Settings.
Then, they pull down on the moving rope and slide up the taut line hitch.
Users will benefit from such familiar Windows features as pull down menus, icons, standard text selecting scroll bars, and mouse control.
An overarching theme of the Scorecard is the extent to which lack of health care coverage and gaps in access to care drive up costs and pull down quality of care in the U.