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So, why the opposition should pull down his government?
About 12 villagers of Gobindpur have recreated their demolished betel vines for the protest of illegal pull down of the vines.
Pull Up Then Pull Down was a live album, recorded at Chateau Libert in Santa Cruz, and includes versions of the Reverend Gary Davis' Candy Man and a 10-minute rendition of Lightnin' Hopkins' Come Back Baby.
Luigina Salerno, 31, said she was left feeling sick and angry after a dispute with builders George Wimpey which had been rumbling for the past year erupted this morning when she ended up in a stand-off with workers determined to pull down her fence, as reported in later editions of yesterday's Birmingham
THESE victorious residents are celebrating after diggers moved in to pull down part of a building put up without planning permission.
There's no way elderly people like my mum and aunt should have to pull down heavy beds like these.
Consistent gripping forces along with axial, pull down actuation, provide accurate length control on the Z axis.
The suction results when muscles in the animals' mouths rapidly pull down the tongue and floor of the oral cavity.