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Mathew Sinclair was leg-before to Pollock for a brisk 21 but Richardson and Styris took the score on to 107 before the opener, on 37, miscued a pull off Nicky Boje to Graeme Smith at midwicket.
You have to pull off the trim, cut a slot in the drywall and screw the wiring channel to the framing.
I also have my doubts about whether Celtic can pull off a result against Anderlecht.
The opening half of a good heist film tracks the careful selection of a team of world-class specialists, each with a talent suited to the one task he or she needs to do to pull off the robbery or con.
Who else but Harry could pull off pearls and a pink taffeta skirt worn over jeans and dusty work boots?
Duffy suggests the same thing would happen to stickered CDs if the Pennsylvania bill became law, and guffaws at the suggestion that record companies would pull off the stickers.
The Nigerian is still hoping the Parkhead side can pull off a miracle result against Juventus in Italy and continue their Champions League adventure.
The 45-year-old, a director of Sunderland-based civil engineering consultancy firm Datum, had not been expecting to pull off the performance of a lifetime against 2006 champion King and only arranged for overnight accommodation.
After exchanging glances, they leap out and pull off their clothes before running naked into the freezing sea with much shouting, laughter and shock.
NORTON and Stockton Ancients Under-11s travelled to Thirsk with only a squad of 11 but still managed to pull off a great result.
They have two more chances, starting against Sri Lanka at Lord's on Sunday, to pull off their second shock victory of the tournament.
The seven-year-old will attempt to pull off a double last achieved by Exotic Dancer in 2006.