pull strings

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And I still feel guilty because I, the only physician in my family, could not pull strings and fix all the problems.
Murphy offers no footnote to substantiate it; but the charge is illogical on its face, since Douglas knew he had honorable discharge papers from the Army and thus no need to pull strings. Even if Clifford were dispatched to negotiate some sort of special dispensation from the Carter White House for Douglas, this would have been no big deal.
A reformed (but broke) French scam artist in New York has three days to raise $2,500 to pull strings before the likable scofflaw is faced with deportation.
He used his access to sources to pull strings behind the scenes, and he used the Tribune's pages to solicit support.
Tenders are invited for work is for electrical/cabling for the set-up of the production trailer includes install pull boxes, trenching, and conduit with pull strings, wire and recpts for truck box: sing 1 5/8 inch x 3 1/4" uni-strut- build a rack to mount furnished enclosure 24"x 24"x20".

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