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If done properly, the stock 8-10 pound pull weight can be safely reduced to 5-6 pounds.
The P99Q's pull weight was lightened by over 25 percent and trigger travel was shortened by 66 percent for the PPQ trigger.
Pull weight can be adjusted from 1 to 3 pounds and trigger has an adjustment for over-travel.
And to quote the late Jeff Cooper on the best trigger pull weight on a 1911, "Three pounds, crisp, is the word.
With its 175-pound pull weight, it is a bit faster than some other mid-priced models and comes hunt-ready with a 4x32 scope.
Not the weight--trigger pull weight was between 7 and 8 pounds on every sample gun I fired, which is more than acceptable for a pocket gun.
The advantage to the shooter is dividing pull weight into two steps.
which is externally adjustable for trigger pull weight.
It breaks cleanly and without any trace of creep with a pull weight of exactly 4.
22 with recessed grasping grooves had one of the hardest slides to manipulate (the new ones are much easier after a redesign), but the pull weight was low.
Without tuning, the single-action draw-stroke with a pull weight of about 4 pounds exhibits a noticeable amount of creep.