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The CAA pulled back the certificates after it revised its procedures, informing the operators about the new rule only days before the suspensions.
Divide the hair you pulled back into two, and knot the sections together at the base of your head.
Summary: Gold pulled back from a near seven-month high on Monday, but a recent spate of stimulus measures from central banks that has buoyed bullion is expected to continue supporting prices.
A country that was at risk of falling prey to the international markets has been pulled back from the brink," he said.
The winter time in Iran begins on September 21 when the clocks are pulled back one hour, based on the parliament's approval.
Martyn Thomas' counter attack left Leinster exposed and when Jason Tovey was pulled back without the ball the Dragons were awarded a penalty try which Tovey converted.
A BRILLIANTLY sporting encounter ebbed and flowed as the home side pulled back twice from a two-goal deficit to beat a determined, though depleted Santos team.
The car's driver was described as Latino, in his early 30s and about 5 feet 11, with curly black hair pulled back in a ponytail.
On a side street in Norwalk, Connecticut, just a block from fully rigged sailboats bobbing in the harbor, Soundkeeper Terry Backer pulled back the grill on a storm drain and revealed a mesh box hanging from four straps and sagging under the weight of grayish sand.
If you can see 70 yards away that he is being pulled back then surely you can see it from 15 yards.
But Kirk finally broke the deadlock, picking himself up to score from the spot after being pulled back.
Eyewitness Molly Thorpe, of Easterside, Middlesbrough, said: "The 62 was coming along the road, it pulled in behind the other bus and then pulled back out.