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Let's hope there'll never be a day, our grandchildren say, they pulled down half our town.
As the train moved it pulled down an estimated 100m of cable.
On Tuesday London's leading shares began the day higher, but by lunchtime had veered lower, pulled down by mining stocks, the BBC reported on the same day.
Later on 10 February, he eventually pulled down the game that did not let him sleep properly and eat well.
Yes, we had our pants pulled down but you know here at Paddy Power we are total gentlemen and we are thrilled that had our we have such a happy punter.
On Monday, some protesting Shiv Sainiks pulled down and burnt the posters of Nasha in Mahim, Lower Parel, Borivali and Andheri areas.
Through public address system, the administration declared and produced a notice that betel vines in Gobindpur will be pulled down after 5 days.
The girl, who was semi-conscious, was photographed with the top of her pink dress pulled down so the players could show their friends.
Summary: Confidence among business leaders in Italy's manufacturing, construction, services and retail sectors dropped sharply in September, pulled down by the services sector, the official data agency Istat said on Thursday.
The water tower on top of the mill was pulled down at 3pm yesterday.
Summary: Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon has threatened to sue Celebrity Big Brother after actress Denise Welch pulled down her pyjama bottoms.