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I pulled off my shoes and stockings, and, wailing two or three hundred yards, I found the object to approach nearer by force of the tide; and then plainly saw it to be a real boat, which I supposed might by some tempest have been driven from a ship.
His coat was pulled off, and he was rolled up in a bundle, and tied with string in very hard knots.
The exterior green bark being pulled off as worthless, there remains a slender fibrous substance, which is carefully stripped from the stick, to which it closely adheres.
The man with the oars looked doubtfully for a moment at Granet, but pulled off at once when ordered to do so.
He pulled off his flannel cap, and stalked away through the gathering darkness.
He pulled off his shirt, tying the sleeves and making a bag.
East pulled off his coat and waistcoat, and then sat on the bottom of his bed whistling and pulling off his boots.
Johnson went close for Town and Goodridge pulled off a great save to keep the scores level at the break.
1 this year even though only once in the last four years has it pulled off that trick.
Hart pulled off some decent stops and had little chance with either of the visitors' goals as the England number one made a steady return to club action.
SHREWSBURY picked up a hard-earned away point as goalkeeper Chris Weale pulled off a fine penalty save to frustrate Crawley.
For this purpose cores 50 mm in diameter are drilled in the floor top layer and pulled off (via steel discs stuck onto them) from the surface of the base layer.