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The individual pieces were all reasonably accessible in their original form (one is reprinted from Past and Present); but it is good to have them together within a single volume, slightly updated in bibliographical terms, pulled together (very informally) and definitely enhanced by the new introduction.
The organization has pulled together with other trades in a quick response t offer assistance in the relief, search, and clean-up efforts in New York City and Washington, D.
And, whatever happens in tomorrow's deciding rugby Test between the Lions and Aussies, it will be deeply influenced by the way the folks Down Under pulled together for the Sydney Olympics.
The Agriculture Council of America pulled together some of the nation's top ambassadors to share the spirit of American agriculture with students in Washington, DC.
It is "a very useful synthesis" of regional assessments of forest quality that haven't been pulled together before, says Ken Andrasko, a forest analyst with the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.
Roussey said the discussion paper pulled together information gathered from around the world and raised a series of questions in order to obtain the needed input to prepare formal guidance and standards.
With a "comprehensive" system in place, all data can be pulled together in the same location.
said, "This was a very hard job, but we all pulled together and accomplished it without any accidents.
The West Side community really pulled together to offer the best silent auction items possible.