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Stores in the North East pulled together to make a massive difference, raising pounds 15,944 of the total.
The great success of the endeavor demonstrates that Long Islanders have great compassion and really pulled together to help the affected families.
We were all excited because we thought we were going to get to record our album in a really nice studio for free, but then we found out that wasn't going to happen so we all pulled together and figured out bow we'd be able to do it in an alternative space.
Finally, he has pulled together two lists of historical interest: these give the numbers of permanent employees of the GSC prior to 1900 and list geologists active in Canadian universities established before 1900.
At the end of the first year we pulled together all of the contact information we had published and offered it as a mini-industry directory as a renewal premium.
Slow to develop, the story becomes progressively more enthralling as all its elements are gradually pulled together.
The individual pieces were all reasonably accessible in their original form (one is reprinted from Past and Present); but it is good to have them together within a single volume, slightly updated in bibliographical terms, pulled together (very informally) and definitely enhanced by the new introduction.
And, whatever happens in tomorrow's deciding rugby Test between the Lions and Aussies, it will be deeply influenced by the way the folks Down Under pulled together for the Sydney Olympics.