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The 4-inch-wide belt offers 26 inches of traction, says Conair, which is roughly twice as long as that of other high-speed pullers.
As, Puller investigates more into the crime, he discover the truth.
Puller stamp features a photograph of Puller at Koto-ri, Korea, in 1950, and the insignia of the 1st Marine Division.
Effective at removing any fasteners - regardless of their condition, the KwickGripper nail puller can remove even headless nails and mangled screws.
The Cable & Wire Puller will help preserve the life and quality of existing cables by eliminating the need to use them to help in the pulling process.
The project is an extension of an earlier initiative, Life on Wheels, through which we helped 10 rickshaw pullers own rickshaws," said Abhay Kumar, faculty adviser, Students in Free Enterprise, which is spearheading the initiative on behalf of SRCC.
Puller pins and bushings are suited to three-plate molds to hold the sprue gate in place for proper orientation of the sprue and for runner removal.
But if you happen to be anywhere close to the north campus, you'd be surprised to see how rickshaws have got a swank makeover and the grumpy rickshaw pullers are getting a lesson or two in Delhi University's historical sites.
A new servo puller from Conair, Pittsburgh, is said to be the only puller for medical bump tubing that has individual position-controlled servo motors on both upper and lower belts.
A profile die is directly attached to the twin screw extruder and a downstream spray tank, belt puller and on-demand cutter will size, cool and cut the extrudate.
BUSINESS WIRE)--March 27, 1998--Ferrofluidics Corporation (NASDAQ:FERO) today announced that it will reduce the size of its Systems Division over the next six months in response to lower crystal puller demand, resulting from softening in semiconductor markets in the Far East.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Cross Bearing Puller/Tri-Section Puller