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I was out with a young lady - cousin on my mother's side - and we were pulling down to Goring.
Another will be found, no doubt, capable of pulling down Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois.
He was a man who had successes; I believe you knew I had successes - to which we shall refer no farther,' pulling down his neckcloth with a smile.
Also he saw the heavy freighters pulling down the main street and heading up the frozen Klondike toward the imagined somewhere where the diggings must be located.
The tenders for building, construction, pulling down, street paving, and other projects will be released shortly stated Housing director Geraldine McCafferty.
Rahm Emmanuel got all the attention nationally in the Chicago municipal elections, and he cruised to an easy victory over five rivals, pulling down 55 percent of the vote for mayor.