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So, how will this pulling together take place, Mr Craik?
Everyone was pulling together but it is not the same this time.
Legislators have another chance to start rebuilding California's crucial infrastructure by pulling together to get the first bonds on the November ballot.
This review is designed to lay that foundation by pulling together psychology theory and educational psychology theory around the shared concepts of student autonomy and intrinsic motivation, goal-orientation, and self-regulation.
In making today's announcement, the partners emphasized the advantages of pulling together the 77-acre Coliseum site with the 14-acre Marriott Hotel site, which Wang currently is under contract to acquire, located in the immediate vicinity of approximately 2.
Everyone interested in the history of geoscience in Canada (and that would be everyone reading this magazine, I hope) owes a huge thank you to Roger Macqueen, Gerry Middleton and the Geological Association of Canada for pulling together a widely scattered collection of articles on that very topic and supplementing it with valuable references for further reading.
The authors do a commendable job of pulling together these different pursuits to illustrate how improving technology is making people safer.
To that end, the city's economic development corporation is pulling together a print and Internet-based marketing campaign promoting the call centre industry, to entice former Sault residents across Northern and southern Ontario to consider coming home.