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We were closer then," said Kerry Lumsden, cultural coordinator with In-SHUCK-Ch Nation, and chair of the Pulling Together Canoe Society.
The purpose of this review, therefore, was to establish such a theory, by pulling together educational psychology and psychological theories around an analysis of effective teacher-student relationships.
The authors do a commendable job of pulling together these different pursuits to illustrate how improving technology is making people safer.
The report encourages NARA to move forward with a careful, modular procurement plan, starting with many small pilot programs to address focused aspects of the overall problem and then pulling together the pieces in the future.
The trades are also pulling together by sending in equipment and workers - iron workers, steel cutters, and teamsters - to help with the effort.
Hopkinson has done a wonderful job pulling together such great writing by mostly notable and award-winning authors.
Tillman does a fine job of pulling together the actions and experiences of the crews who flew and fought "the big Douglas," the Navy's first monoplane carrier aircraft.
7, after pulling together a centrist coalition of 24 parties.
These approaches have shared a vision of social history as a "totalising historiography", pulling together the diverse strands of the discipline as a whole; and they have sustained a relationship of mutual suspicion with what Wilson calls "State historiography", the professional mainstream with its agenda and practices dominated by high politics.
The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has been a staunch supporter of its membership in times of crisis, so it came as no surprise when NPMA started pulling together a comprehensive support plan to aid its members in the flood-ravaged areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.