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Micawber, with the old roll in his voice, and the old indescribable air of saying something genteel, 'what gowans may be, but I have no doubt that Copperfield and myself would frequently have taken a pull at them, if it had been feasible.
CHEVELEY pulls the letter out, and hands it to him.
Den he would pull me away-dis great, dark devil, mit his enormous paws~hush as if I was a child.
Especially the ladies, he might well say; for here was one who apparently wished to pull from under him the very chair he was sitting on.
Snagsby pulls off his sleeves and his grey coat, pulls on his black coat, takes his hat from its peg.
Not that I pretend for a moment to have been the thing I never was: you are not so very grateful to the man who pulls you out of the mud when he has first of all pushed you in; nor is it chivalry alone which spurs one to the rescue of a lovely lady for whom, after all, one would rather live than die.
She gets in and pulls the door to with a slam as the taxicab starts].
you roar, wishing that you could get at him; and you give your ropes a lug that pulls all his pegs out.
It pulls out and has a secret English drawer, you know
If Daylight pulls out before this snap breaks, he'll never get through--an' him travelin' without tent or fly.
Though he's lucky if he pulls even on it, or if he can inveigle a publisher to risk bringing it out.
A moment later Bradley felt two quick pulls upon the rope and immediately followed to the girl's side.