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On the one hand, books pullulate with fanciful imaginings, some of them clearly intended for the lower end of the mysticism market.
Herbalists, juju, sacrifices, ceremonies, and magic objects pullulate on his pages to a degree far, far beyond that of Kiss of the Spider Woman or Hollywood's version of "voodoo" or Rhys's obeah.
It is sad that an eminent scholar should be in the same camp as the ignorant young men who pullulate in `Demos', `Charter 88' and the other `think-tanks' of the current Left.
They pullulate in the myths; and on what we might call the level of prose they can also be projected on to dead tyrants and Eastern potentates.
English TV, hairstyles, gang styles, drug fashions pullulate.
The etchings pullulate with freaks: depraved, slobbering bats and goblins and ghouls.