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Here was a way out of the pullulating paralysis, one that beyond the subversion of all existing hierarchies.
Her "I" is threatened with dissolution, not from other human beings, but by the Darwinian indifference of the non-human prairie her grandfather knew, the luna-moth whose aeons of evolutionary development lead merely to copulation and death, and the muddy farm pond pullulating with springtime reproductiveness.
When I first came to Johannesburg, in the 1950s, the pullulating black townships around the gold-mining city evinced an identification with what these newly urbanized folk imagined was the racier side of American life.
The hardest, foulest, most odious fact of all that he has to acknowledge is that much of his uncle, blood-kin truly; as of his mother, and no doubt his greatly admired father as well, is pullulating in him and in all of us.
He asserts that there is "no throbbing, heaving, pullulating, protoplasmic, mystic jelly .
His reports in the Morning Chronicle in the 1840s and 1850s, and the mammoth London Labour and the London Poor which resulted, startled the genteel world with their description of the complex world of costers, criminals, prostitutes, and vagrants pullulating at its doorstep.
His unity with mankind will not now be the unity of a member of a tribal horde with that pullulating mass; his unity will be that of a member of sweet society.
The ranchers and regulators look into the future and see bison, wolves and grizzlies pullulating across the Big Sky state in a kind of Malthusian metastasis, striking fear and suffering into the real estate and cattle industries.
Most durably in the work of Pope, English literature from the Restoration to the early years of George II was polarized into, on the one hand, the genuine article written by Pope and (some of) his friends, and on the other, the febrile lucubrations of the pullulating hacks, dunces, and women against whom Pope defined himself.
The deformation and detritus of life are certainly candidate themes; but what must be added is its inordinate, unruly, crowded, teeming and pullulating, heaving and as it were unmeaning manifestation as well.
Indeed, there was no need for them to hear any, with values soaring and new automobiles pullulating and a carnival of real estate in Florida and the swift rise of Hollywood to world-power.
Or Curnow's sense of place with that of John Betjeman--redolent, indeed pullulating as the latter is with a social and aesthetic champagne that bubbles out of the most unlikely and lonely places, such as heather-roots and euonymus hedges, as if the drabbest objects and artefacts of modern Britain were alive (as indeed for Betjeman they are) in the same way as its grand traditions: its Ascot and Beau Monde and the Changing of the Guard and Burke's Landed Gentry.