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For every Podhoretz lamenting moral decline and the pullulation of homosexuals in the State Department, there was a Buchan similarly keening over Albion's accelerating moral turpitude; for every Vidal shouting for a U.
1758 (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) en phase de pullulation dans les peuplements du massif forestier Blideen (Algerie).
Lutter contre la constipation, car l'inflammation du colon entraEne la pullulation des germes intestinaux et peut etre source de cystite.
2009: Influence du paysage et du sol sur les pullulations du campagnol terrestre dans le Jura suisse.
These document myriad aspects of pedestrian existence, 'chaos', if you will: street vendors, garbage, women cooking, beggars, kids playing, pullulations of ordinary life, much like the ambience of the recent movie Slum Dog Millionaire.