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In our case for example, semiological features of pulmonary infarction on CT were difficult to interpret, leading to a complicated diagnostic algorithm.
At least one of our patients proved to be a case of pulmonary infarction.
pneumonia) * Liver cirrhosis * Pulmonary infarction * Nephrotic syndrome * Rheumatoid arthritis * Pulmonary embolism * Pleural asbestosis * Hypothyroidism * Haemothorax * Superior vena cava obstruction * Drugs * Peritoneal dialysis
An acute pulmonary infarction happens in about 10% of patients who have a peripheral occlusion of a pulmonary artery that causes a parenchymal infarction.
Dashiell (1) reported the first documented pulmonary infarction associated with Dirofilaria in 1961, and Goodman and Gore (2) reported the first report of pulmonary infarct associated with human dirofilariasis in 1964.

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