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A correlation between the extent of interstitial abnormalities in the CT and the number of previous episodes of ACS has also been described (31, 37), which suggests that these 2 findings overlap pathophysiologically and may ultimately have repercussions for inhomogeneity in pulmonary ventilation, as observed in the majority of the patients evaluated in our study.
In a previous study, it was found that, in ARDS survivors who received ECMO, pulmonary ventilation function was roughly normal; however, 65% of patients demonstrated decreased diffusion capacity.
Descriptive statistics included calculation of mean values for subjects VO2 max, VCO/VO values, the duration of the test, the maximal pulmonary ventilation (VE), the maximal heart rate (HR), and the respiratory exchange ratio (RER).
Increased pulmonary vascular resistance (23), a decline in pulmonary perfusion (24), and a mismatching of pulmonary ventilation to perfusion (25), all contribute to a steeper VE vs.
Although the increased pulmonary ventilation observed during running indicates that a greater non-significant respiratory system overload occurred than during walking, it was nevertheless proportional to oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide output as shown by [V.
However, the idea that "normal capacity for pulmonary ventilation does not limit the exercise performance and the larger-than-normal lung volumes and breathing capacities in some athletes can probably be attributed to genetic endowment" [13] has brought about being negligent of improving pulmonary function.
reduces airway resistance and improves pulmonary ventilation.
Predicting adult pulmonary ventilation volume and wearing compliance by on-board accelerometry during personal level exposure assessments.
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) leads to acute lower respiratory tract infection (ALRTI) in approximately 10% of infant cases (1,2) and requires mechanical pulmonary ventilation (MPV) in 7% to 21% of hospitalized patients.

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