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Influence of pulp vitality on length determination by using the Elements Diagnostic Unit and Apex Locator.
Any signs of changes in pulp vitality should be followed up with intraoral periapical radiographs, which these patients might need more frequently than FDA guidelines recommend.
It allows unsupervised dental hygienists to provide a prophylaxis for "healthy children," pulp vitality testing, fluorides, sealants and other recognized preventive topical agents in public health settings under the auspices of the Department of Health and Human Services.
Tenders are invited for purchase of Pulp vitality tester-01 no.
Pulp vitality is rather determined by the condition of the vascular supply of pulp (30-32) which enters pulp through the apical and accessory foramina.
2 Gupta A et al in his study concluded that Biodentine is a promising material which has the potential to maintain pulp vitality in patients judiciously selected for direct pulp capping.
In summary, Biodentine[TM] is both a dentin substitute base and a cement for maintaining pulp vitality and stimulating hard tissue formation, i.
The success of reattachment procedure will depend on pulp vitality of the tooth, endodontic treatment of the tooth and amount of tooth structure remaining.
Monitoring long term pulp vitality is an important part of dental traumatology.
Influence of the type of dental trauma on the pulp vitality and the time elapsed until treatment: a study in patients aged 0 -3 years.