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Dr Wynn Ho, of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton, who led the research says: For pulsars, we have been able to use principles of nuclear physics, rather than gravity, to work out what their mass is an exciting breakthrough which has the potential to revolutionise the way we make this kind of calculation.
Planets and pulsars, the whirling cores of dead massive stars, appear to be an unlikely match.
And that means the Pulsar will cater for just about every family need, whether it is a mammoth shopping spree or the school football team with all its strips and equipment.
Top of the range, but can't match the Pulsar for its array of techy gadgets.
Competition for the Pulsar is stiff, and not only includes the Focus but also the Vauxhall Astra and VW Golf, as well as the likes of the Toyota Auris and the keenly priced Hyundai i30.
In the last few years, optical observations of binary millisecond pulsar systems have been used to great effect.
Both versions we tried were six-speed manual and Nissan is planning on introducing an auto option on the petrol Pulsar for an extra PS1,350.
Emissions will drop below 95g/km and the Pulsar will also be available with the brand's XTronic automatic transmission.
The cosmetic changes to the existing Pulsar models is expected to be followed by the launch of Bajaj's much awaited bikes Super Sport 400 Pulsar (SS400) and Cruiser Sport 400 (CS400).
This star's capricious behavior appears to be fueled by a nearby companion star and may give new insights into the birth of millisecond pulsars, the astronomers said.
Electromagnetic radiation from pulsars and magnetars; proceedings.
based operations with the acquisition of government markets and advanced products from Pulsar Systems USA Inc.