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According to Leddy Pulsate drives real benefits that will allow businesses to influence at the point of purchase and dramatically increase revenues.
We're very excited to be collaborating with the alliance of leading global partners like Dell, Intel and Revolution Analytics to build our big data and analytics offering," said Pulsate CEO Bob Chua.
It has the peculiarity of being a star that pulsates radially, like a balloon that inflates and deflates continuously, and non-radially, like the tides in Earth's oceans caused by the presence of the moon, which deforms the bodies of water between the poles and the equator.
It's a glacial epic that starts from a whisper to a scream before the sparks fly - smouldering guitars squall, bass lines throband the track pulsates like a heartbeat racing.
HydroMed's Hydro Pulse[R] Pulsatile Sinus System is the only sinus/nasal irrigation system available that pulsates.
The energy orb is a device that changes color and pulsates when California's power supplies are low and energy conservation is needed immediately.
They'll hit the tennis courts as the theme from ``Rocky'' pulsates through the loudspeakers.
The flow pulsates when the unit operates at 20 to 160 strokes per minute.
You know that electrifying feeling you get that pulsates through your body when watching your favorite band rock out, the one that makes you just want to scream because life is so good at that particular moment in time?
An inventive, gargantuan love story whose prose pulsates with enough rhythm to make your foot tap, the novel chronicles the rocky love affair between partial divinity Vina Apsara, a legendary half-Indian, half-Greek pop singer, and Ormus Cama, her part-divine musician soul-mate.
As one strapping young man pulsates into a backbend during his kneeling hula, the local matriarch (played by one of the Kanaka'ole sisters in a cameo role) and her attendants add to the hilarity by frantically fanning themselves as if they might swoon.