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Context marketing startup Pulsate said it has finalized USD1.
Montgomery explains that of the white dwarfs that pulsate, a subset of them pulsate so regularly that astronomers can use the dead stars as precision timepieces.
I've watched my image I pulsate the rippled surface I for as long as I can remember,/since before the vivid casts of my father, I red & white spoons / flung out farther than seemed possible.
There's music in the air and ethnic beats pulsate everywhere during the month of July when a number of jazz fetes take place throughout the world.
At the heart of all wireless communication--cell phones, radios, walkie-talkies--are radio waves, particles of energy that pulsate through space and matter (see diagram, p.
How stars pulsate depends on their structure and composition," says Provencal.
The surprising twists and page-turning cliffhangers literally pulsate with dramatic tension, and the novel's pace, in near-breathless passages, runs full-throttle as the reader approaches the story's climax and vows to untangle each perilous detail.
Clack and her team suggest that each stapes was embedded in a membrane that sealed the air-filled chamber As a result, the air bubble housed in each cavity would pulsate in response to sound waves, causing the membrane to oscillate and enabling the animal to hear.