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They noted that Clonidine prevented adverse effects of pneumoperitoneum and provided significant cardiovascular stability as changes in pulse rate and systolic blood pressure.
The buzz pulse rate and the IBI tick rate increased as a function of temperature (Fig.
This study was designed to investigate the effect of GSRBF training in reducing the pulse rate, respiratory rate, BP and perceived stress in physiotherapy students.
The manual pulse rate has been shown to be strongly correlated with heart rate derived from technology.
There was a small decrease in pulse rate that was not statistically significant.
Key words: Sedative, medetomidine, cattle, pulse rate, respiratory rate, body temperature.
Edward Kunonga, Acting Director of Public Health for NHS Middlesbrough said: "Everyone should monitor their pulse rate on a regular basis in the same way they do their weight and blood pressure because it could save their life.
Conversely, spiking temperatures with a parallel pulse rate is an indication of infection.
Before and after each technique peripheral skin temperature and pulse rate were assessed.
Nonin Medical's PalmSAT[R] 2500 is an easy-to-use digital handheld pulse oximeter for accurate assessment of oxygen saturation and pulse rate.
Allen, Blascovitch, and Mendes (2002) found no significant differences in blood pressure and pulse rate between dog owners and cat owners.
2]), pulse rate value (PR) and blood perfusion index (PI) or pulse strength, in home or clinical settings, for both adult and pediatric patients.