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Statistically significant changes occurred in respiratory rates and skin temperatures during the diaphragmatic breathing session; respiratory rates and peripheral skin temperatures during progressive muscle relaxation session; respiratory and pulse rates, and peripheral skin temperatures during the autogenic sessions.
Your doctor can tell you if your heart or blood-pressure medicine is a beta blocker, or if you have other conditions or medications that will affect your pulse rate during exercise.
iSpO2, available for Android and Apple mobile devices, uses Masimo SET Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry to provide accurate, real-time oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), and perfusion index (PI) readings - ideal for anyone who desires access to accurate fitness data through their mobile iSpO2.
High resting pulse rates are linked to coronary heart disease.
They were less likely to describe their feelings as distressed, nervous, guilty and ashamed compared with the beginning of the fortnight and most had lower pulse rates.
Although there is no evidence to show that everyone with a rapid pulse would be helped by this, we do know that doctors need to pay more attention to pulse rates in patients with heart disease.
When I first got here, my pulse rate was high,'' she said.
The former patients also had significantly greater weakening of the heart muscle, a higher pulse rate, and higher blood concentrations of a compound called homocysteine that's linked with heart disease.
On examination, he was fully conscious, and his blood pressure and pulse rate were normal.
Her blood pressure was 240/120 mm Hg, and her pulse rate was 100 beats per minute.
Cabin crew can hook a passenger up to the remote medical monitoring device to check on vital signs like blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature.