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READING. The act of making known the contents of a writing or of a printed document.
     2. In order to enable a party to a contract or a devisor to know what a paper contains it must be read, either by the party himself or by some other person to him. When a person signs or executes a paper, it will be presumed that it has been read to him, but this presumption may be rebutted.
     3. In the case of a blind testator, if it can be proved that the will was not read to him, it cannot be sustained. 3 Wash. C C. R. 580. Vide 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 2012.

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Mrs John has admitted that some blood pressure, temperature and pulse readings were not documented properly but that in patient C's case, the responsibility for her care was handed over to colleague Patricia Chan, who has also faced a disciplinary hearing, whilst Mrs John attempted to contact the labour ward and the partner of patient C.
I also thought working with standardised patients and taking blood pressure and pulse readings were great fun and gave a real sense of what it's like to become a doctor," she said.
Assessments will include pulse readings, blood pressure, body mass index, blood glucose levels and measuring their prolactin -a hormone produced by the pituitary gland.
Jude's Home Health Care provide free blood pressure and pulse readings, and on the last Wednesday of each month there is a health presentation.
Continuum Health Partner's Women's Cardiac Care Network will offer blood pressure and pulse readings, bone density screenings and educational talks about mammograms and adopting a healthy lifestyle.