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The multiple-voxel techniques have better spatial resolution than single-voxel techniques because they record signal from a larger portion of brain during each repetition of the pulse sequence.
A new fluid attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) pulse sequence suppresses the signal from CSF on [T.
The Nociscan exam is performed by non-invasively acquiring an MRS spectrum from a disc nucleus using commercial MR scanners and MRS pulse sequences already indicated for tissue chemistry assessment, but using a proprietary procedural protocol being evaluated specifically for disc spectroscopy.
Although uncommon, various adrenal masses can mimic adrenal adenomas, mainly due to low attenuation on CT or the signal loss on out-of-phase MR pulse sequences compared to in-phase sequences.
Dependence of enhancement on field strength and MR pulse sequence.
The range of techniques available provides great flexibility, but can also be confusing for inexperienced users, and choosing the best pulse sequence for a given clinical situation can sometimes be difficult.
The Excite platform delivers the shortest pulse sequence parameters currently available.
up-to-date pulse sequence library and high MAS rate capability.
MR characterization of adrenal masses: Field strength and pulse sequence considerations.
Experiments conducted at 3T comparing traditional FSE with FSE/driven equilibrium (RESTORE, Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, PA) demonstrate the impact of this pulse sequence on myelographic effect at various TR values (Figure 2).
For those sequences for which SAR does affect the pulse sequence, other solutions may be applied, including parallel imaging to shorten echo trains (with a small reduction in optimal SNR), (9-11) and tailored RF pulse shapes or flip angles (variable-rate selective excitation, hyperecho-turbo spin-echo, transition between pseudo steady-states).
Regardless of pulse sequence design and magnetic field strength, optimal first-pass perfusion imaging needs the following requirements to be fulfilled: