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Wayne Lange, industrial market sales manager at Sterlco, concedes the lower initial cost and energy use of the pulsed systems, but he counters that monitoring the temperature of the fluid gives a truer reading of the overall process.
He says a conventional unit with its booster pumps is likely to provide a higher pressure differential and therefore more turbulent flow and better cooling than a pulsed system with colder water.
Agilent will showcase its ultra-short pulsed IV solution at the Agilent Measurement Forum, June 6-9, in Shinagawa, Japan.
The PCO-7120 is a high-speed, high-current modular pulsed laser diode driver designed to operate from 5A to 50A output current with continuously variable pulse widths from 12 nanoseconds to greater than 1 microsecond, and frequencies variable from single shot to 1MHz.

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