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It can match the two or more transducers, pulsers, receivers, and control electronics systems on a multiple-transducer microscope or large numbers of microscopes in multiple geographic locations.
About 5 g of pET-32a-IERS- EGFP plasmid was respectively electroporated into MDBK-T7 and MDBK-negative using a Bio-Rad Gene Pulser Xcell (Gene Pulser(R) Electroporation Buffer, 340 V, 5 ms, 4 mm cuvettes, one pulse).
We are excited to be releasing the PIM-Mini, the next product in our strategy to provide our customers with pulser solutions covering all requirements from R&D and laboratory bench top systems to application-specific OEM solutions, said Stephen Krausse, General Manager of IXYS Colorado/DEI.
Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, though part of the agreement includes an unspecified financial investment by Shaw Ventures in Rdio's holding company, Pulser Media.
The system includes detector cell, pulser and FID board, as well as standard and mini helium purifiers to provide enhanced sensitivity.
coli DH10BT1 competent c ells (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA) were transformed with plasmid DNA by electroporation (Gene Pulser Xcell; Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, CA, USA) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Pulser: Square wave pulser with adjustable pulse width (spike, thin, wide).
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Development of high voltage pulser for high power electromagnetic (HPEM) simulation, in IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference, Bangalore, India.
The following equipments were used: HP33120A function generator, Tektronix CSA8000B Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, Geozondas pulser (GZ1106DL1, GZ1117DN25), and antennas manufactured by the Time Domain corporation [17], as depicted in Figure 3(a).
pastoris strain by electroporation (Bio-Rad Gene Pulser, 1500 volts charging voltage, 25-[micro]F capacitance, and 200 ohms resistance) as described in the [EasySelect.
An ultrasonic 5072PR pulser (Olympus) was used to excite the highfrequency elastic waves.