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Also because of respiratory muscle fatigue, pulsus paradoxus is absent.
We also are excited to be investing in a pioneering Korean company and hope this support will pave the way for PULSUS Technologies to advance in the global market.
The mechanism of pulsus paradoxus is controversial (Darovic, 2002; Kinney, Dunbar, Brook-Brunn, Molter, & Vitello-Cicciu, 1998), but the presentation of pulsus paradoxus is the same, depending on whether patients are breathing spontaneously or mechanically ventilated.
In some pathophysiologic states, this pressure difference is increased and pulsus paradoxus is evident.
The pulsus alternans was first described as beat-to-beat alternation in the arterial pressure pulse (3).
Whereas, Sengupta et al (7) had shown that pulsus alternans is reflected by alternans in both systolic and diastolic annular peak velocities.
LSI Logic Corporation today announced that Pulsus Technologies Inc.
As digital audio amplifiers replace the multi-billion analog amplifiers, we are coming up with more compact and more power efficient IC solutions," said Sang-Jin Park, executive director, Research and Product Development of Pulsus Technologies.
2) Symptoms of pneumopericardium include chest pain, dyspnea, cyanosis, hypotension, bradycardia or tachycardia, and pulsus paradoxus.
will develop its Pulsus line of parallel-processing, supercomputing-class hardware accelerators on Motorola's PowerPC 601 microprocessor.
today announced that its Pulsus line of parallel-processing, supercomputing-class hardware accelerators will be developed on Motorola's (NYSE: MOT) PowerPC 601 microprocessor.
PULSUS: Known previously as G2, PULSUS is a supercomputing hardware accelerator (another OEM product) for medical and scientific imaging workstations.