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1945: United States aircraft carriers begin the pulverisation of Okinawa as World War Two moves into its final year.
POLITICIANS of every hue in each of the world's democracies are devising "rescue packages" to try and save their nation from economic pulverisation.
To this day, there is controversy over whether the pulverisation of the magnificent monastery, set on a high mountain, was justified -and whether the Allies' entire Italian campaign was worth the cost at all.
Watching this stuttering, beaten mass of psyched out, hang-dog, walking wounded slide to inevitable pulverisation felt like gazing at slow death.
This principle activity includes decontamination procedures (by pulverisation and/or immersion) which generate uranium-rich liquid effluents which are treated on site with a view to recovering uranium.
Form book pundits will point to Intikhab's eight-length pulverisation of the Queen Anne field as the mile performance of the season, but the Godolphin star remains on the easy list and in Group One terms the score is Desert Prince 3, Intikhab 0.
Now Hargreaves is committing nearly PS25m to build a carbon pulverisation plant in Duisberg.
Par ailleur,le Groupe industriel, GIAD a annonce lors d'une rencontre avec le gouverneur la mise en place de 5 avions de pulverisation , 2 cliniques sanitaires mobiles ,(50) pompes et (10) dispositifs d'assechage de l'eau en plus de 1000 tentes .