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In the simulator model, the Moses contact mode was associated with a significant reduction in procedural time when compared with the Regular mode (p[less than or equal to]0.01) resulting in 35% and 23% reduction in the procedural time during fragmentation and pulverization settings, respectively (Figure 3).
Experiences with individuals of Channa punctatus 11 subjected to the action of pentachlorophenol and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid during 48, 72, and 96 hours revealed the occurrence of structural chromosomal aberration (breaks, stickiness and pulverization chromosomal).
Liu, Effect of Ultra-fine Pulverization of Dry Processing on Physical Properties of Apple Pomace Fiber, J.
Promoting the vegetative development via leaf pulverization of such natural products supplemented with nutrients and/or plant hormones would presumably assure robust development of floral organs and provide better yield under water scarcity.
The pulverization ratio (Pr) is defined as: Pr = (([m.sub.b] - [m.sub.a])/[m.sub.b]) x 100%, where mb is the weight of the sample before friction and is the weight of the sample after the friction process.
Several types of size reduction units are in common use for the pulverization of biomass, such as cutter mill [5], vibration mill [6], and refiner.
We have demonstrated that MgNi and LaNi5-based alloys present different pulverization mechanisms.
Pivoting on the preparation and application of mineral powders and mineral materials, the 38 papers consider such areas as the purification, pulverization, modification of mineral powders; and the synthesis and application of mineral materials.
At the first apiary, Amitraz was applied by fumigation, and at the second, by vapour pulverization. The samples were harvested the 14th and the 28th day after the Amitraz treatment.
Lithiation-induced volume expansion, plasticity and pulverization of electrode materials are the major mechanical defects that plague the performance and lifetime of high-capacity anodes in lithium-ion batteries, Huang said.
Technological processes of rubber and plastic recycling, which are used today, basically include technological operations of rubber and plastic pulverization. Material, i.e.
In all three mill types, the pulverization process is like an exothermic reaction.