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During the first of two Pulverize playing sessions depicted in the story, the narrator observes: "As you fall, you see that the valley is really an illusion it's a flat image of a valley that rushes up to you, growing more pixellated, and you even start to see the seams of the backdrop right before impact.
Trost Air impact mills pulverize hard soft, and agglomerated materials, as well as those with low melting points.
This innovative equipment has been employed to pulverize both brittle and ductile polymers (13) and to prepare in situ polymer/filler materials (18), showing good potential for developing higher-performance polymer materials.
The new pulverizers combine new airflow and material feeding designs to pulverize without grinding, delivering at least 20% higher output using less energy and floor space than more conventional designs.
One attachment among the variety of tools available promises increased-versatility because it claims to do it all--shear, pulverize and crush--with only a few adjustments.
The Model JFC-300 Cryogenic Sample Crusher is used to crush and pulverize test samples after cooling with liquid nitrogen.