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In addition, into the branch pipe, designed for withdrawal of gases that formed in the process of heating and conversion of air and pulverized coal, a discharge pipe was installed for taking samples of gases, analysis of composition of which was made using the <<Gazokhrom 3101>> chromatograph.
The plant will use pulverized coal boiler technology and advanced emission controls to provide electricity to wholesale purchasers, including investor- or municipal-owned utilities, cooperatives, or power agencies.
If the material is pulverized and that ability to recognize it as C&D is gone, "our site inspectors really don't have any way of verifying that the material is appropriate.
However, samples can be pulverized for other reasons, such as extracting and detecting inorganic poisons like arsenic, chromium, mercury, and lead, and various organic poisons (criminal or environmental) and their metabolites.
The unsorted tangle of twisted metal, pulverized concrete and unidentifiable objects was difficult to move and sort.
For thousands of years, the eyelid paint most widely used by Arab women has been called ethmid; it is a fine black powder pulverized from mountain stones.
In most cases, cable or pipe shield is eliminated because the auger places the pulverized fill into the ditch line on an incline allowing the fill to roll gently onto the cable or pipe.
Cochineal, a red dye that's made from the pulverized bodies of insects, has caused severe allergic reactions in some people.
and pulverized in Germany was labeled APTR (American pulverized tread rubber) to distinguish it from PTR (pulverized tread rubber) used in earlier work (refs.
The work for which bids are requested includes 5,405 lineal feet of trail repaving consisting of: Pulverizing the existing asphalt trail, preparation of the pulverized surface, asphaltic concrete pavement, and restoration adjacent to trail.
Computational Modeling of Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers