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Dave Cubitt and Kim Delaney make a run for it as the West Coast is pummeled by earthquakes in ``10.
Alternatively, says Tom Brown of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, many small galaxies rather than a single massive one may have pummeled Andromeda.
21 in their bed, slashed with a knife and brutally pummeled with a baseball bat.
Concerns over such conflicts have increased, given that specialists have enjoyed growing business and profit margins of almost 25% while small investors were pummeled.
This is quite a turnaround for a company severely pummeled during the dot-com implosion of the late 1990s.
But in the previous year, a super-typhoon pummeled the area and produced a flood in which the river's flow rate peaked at about 65 times normal.
Brian struck the dog on its back so hard with a pogo stick that the stick bent, while Jessica, armed with a golf club, also pummeled the creature.
The release of a weaker-than-expected jobs report pummeled stocks in early dealings, but as the day wore on, investors made their presence felt again, bidding equities higher through to the close," stated Peter Antipatis.
Results for the quarter and full year pummeled estimates of analysts polled by Thomson Financial/First Call.
When Hurricanes Dennis, Floyd, and Irene pummeled North Carolina in the fall of 1999, they delivered a three-punch combination that for years to come may disturb coastal ecosystems there and disrupt fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.
NET and Sun Microsystems' J2EE -- will be prodded, poked and pummeled in a panel at the California Technology Forum 2001.