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On a day in which two major earthquakes have pummeled the coastline, Sergei's doctor, over surgery, finds time to complain about how his dad never showed him he loved him.
From April 4 through April 8, winter storms pummeled 10 states, producing 386,000 claims and $1.
The child's father pummeled the coyote with his golf club, causing the animal to release its grip and momentarily back off.
Two weeks ago, Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf shores and destroyed hundreds of businesses in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, and forced thousands to shut down.
UCLA returns its five starters on the offensive line, but those are the same five that were continuously pummeled as UCLA stumbled to an ugly offensive season.
Alternatively, says Tom Brown of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, many small galaxies rather than a single massive one may have pummeled Andromeda.
As Hurricane Jeanne moves towards us, on the heels of gale force winds from Charley, Frances and Ivan that pummeled thousands of windows and caused billions of dollars in property damage, two more entire months of hurricane season remain for Florida, the Gulf and East Coasts.
21 in their bed, slashed with a knife and brutally pummeled with a baseball bat.
But in the previous year, a super-typhoon pummeled the area and produced a flood in which the river's flow rate peaked at about 65 times normal.
Aside from generally improving investor sentiment regarding the sector, which had been pummeled in recent years by uncertainties surrounding Medicare payment structures, outstanding problems at several companies were resolved, boosting returns into the triple digits in some cases.
This is quite a turnaround for a company severely pummeled during the dot-com implosion of the late 1990s.